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Harnessing RNA Editing Technologies to Create Genetic Medicines for Rare Disease

An overview of Enzerna’s core technology, progress, and future directions.


Epigenos Biosciences, Enfuego Therapeutics, Enzerna Biosciences, and NabGen Inc. receive funding to turn inventions created at UNC-Chapel Hill into transformative technologies

KickStart Venture Services (KVS) – a core program of Innovate Carolina – has awarded four startup companies with commercialization awards that will enable them to complete high-impact projects as they translate and bring intellectual property and innovations owned by UNC-Chapel Hill to market.

“KickStart provides commercialization awards to companies that show great promise in translating the discoveries they’re making inside Carolina’s academic laboratories into products and services that can improve and save lives,” said Mireya McKee, interim director of KickStart Venture Services. “These awards are part of our campus-wide effort to find solutions that benefit people outside the university setting.”

The program provides vital early-stage funding for startups from UNC-Chapel Hill. The grant award enables the companies to build prototypes, obtain preliminary data for government grant applications or launch beta programs. These awards are stepping stones that propel companies to be more attractive for funding from grants, angel and venture capital investors.

Enzerna received an award to conduct in vivo efficacy studies with their Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV)-packaged ASRE gene therapeutic in animal models of myotonic dystrophy.

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